Question: If I defer collecting my social security benefits, how much more would I receive in monthly payments?

Answer: Great question! Some people need to collect their full retirement right away. But if you can wait, I would advise doing so. Refer to this chart which gives you exactly the percent it would increase by. Find out what your benefit would be at retirement which is usually at age 66 or 66 1/2 and times it by the percent listed in the chart. Click Here for age retirement

Click Here to find out the increase if you wait. Over to the right put in your birth year so it calculates it specifically for you.


Question: I am selling my home. How much can I make in profit before I have to pay capital gains?

Answer:   Great question! You can make 250,000 gain and not pay taxes if you are single. If you are married it is double that. And the good news is you can do this again on your next home as long as you wait two years before you sell it.

Question: How can I pull my credit report for free?

Answer:   You can get it once a year for free at – Free Credit Report.

I suggest doing it once a year at your birthday. Also, Discover credit card prints your score on monthly statements. If you use Discover as one of your credit cards, find it on your next statement. They print your FICO score.

With a FICO score, the most widely used model, these are the components that go into the calculation of your credit score:

Payment history: 35%

Amounts owed: 30%

Length of credit history: 15%

New credit: 10%

Types of credit used: 10%


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